Prof. Dr.
Elmahaishi M. S.
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- Scientific research organizer in the faculty of medical technology Misurata 1997 – 2001.

- Scientific comity member MISURATA CENTRAL HOSPITAL up to 2005.

- President of Libyan Ultrasound Society 1990-1999.

- Board member in the Arab federation of Laparoscopic surgery in gynecology -Damascus Syria, since 2007. 

- Foundation member in International Society of U/S Obst & Gyne. London 1990.

- Member and Representative in Libya of International Society of pregnancy pathology (Gestosis) Switzerland since 1987.

- Member of International Society of Fallopian Tubes in Health and Disease since 1991.

- Member in ESHRE for life.

- Member of International society of Gyne. Endocrinology. since 1995.

- Member in MEFS since 1994 + board member of MEFS. 2005-2009.

- Member of European Society of Family Planning since 1997.

- Member and Representative in Libya of Africa Society of pregnancy pathology “Gestosis“, since 1998.

- Member international society of primatology.

- Board member in Libyan society of osteoporosis.

- Scientific member in Libyan society of Obst. & Gyn. 

- Board member in the AFFS (Arab Federation of Fertility Society) Amman, Jordan, since 2000.

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